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Kava Collective
Tea House in San Diego, CA
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Tea House In San Diego, CA

High-Quality Kava in a Relaxing & Inclusive Atmosphere

Sit down with a nice, calming beverage and enjoy the earthy, relaxing atmosphere of Kava Collective. As the premier tea house in San Diego, CA, we're a spot for people all across the neighborhood to gather, catch up with friends, and socialize. Our tea house hosts community events like book signings, art shows, yoga sessions, bingo nights, and other fun happenings, all while serving delicious kava, kombucha, coffee, and tea.
Our innovative kava concoctions are handcrafted with care and rotate frequently, allowing you to try a wide range of flavors and relaxing blends. All of our kava is ethically sourced and imported from authentic sellers across the globe! Think of us as an all-in-one longe, sober bar, tea house, and cafe.
Whether you're looking to try kava for the first time, are a seasoned kava enthusiast, or are simply looking for a new sober hangout spot, come visit Kava Collective today!

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The team at Kava Collective is dedicated to cultivating a warm and friendly environment where people from all walks of life can come together and enjoy a handcrafted beverage. 
Questions about our menu? Want to host an event? Fill out our contact form below or give us a call at (619) 293-3180.

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